Whose Your Muse?- 5 People to Get You Inspired

Muse– this word has been buzzing around since the 1900’s and probably past then. It simply means someone who inspires a creative. In this millennial era, aren’t we all considered creatives though? So, does this mean we all need a muse? I think it’s hard to pick one person who inspires you and opens your creativity. I think we all need multiple people, places and things because everything around us we can use as inspiration. So I’m taking this time to layout what could inspire you because let’s face it we could all use some inspiration and this dead week (pre-finals week for those of you not in college) is leaving me in a rut, unmotivated to do anything, but watch Netflix before the death that comes with finals hits. Part 1, I give you people to muse from (I’m pretty sure muse can be a verb to…?).


Frida Kahlo

I find Kahlo fascinating because her self-portraits reflect. She paints her self with an intriguing beauty, in which her flaws convey a proud stance to say that women are beautiful even with all of their imperfections. The color in her paintings give off such a joy that you want to look at every detail in each piece. She was also a human being that lived with a lot of sorrow and she expressed this in her paintings contrasting with her bright colors. She was very much in love with Diego Rivera and it showed in the passionate letters she wrote to him. I think her trademark of a uni-brow and a braided flower crown is opposite of what is considered beautiful today and that’s why I find her so interesting.



Lisa Bonet & Zoe Kravitz

The two embody timelessness that brings about an inspiring message to be natural, love your body and be carefree. I discovered Lisa Bonet how most 90’s kids do–watching The Cosby Show. I think she was one of my favorite characters on the show, although it was a pretty close tie between her and young Raven Symone’s character, Olivia. Ever since then I have seen her in a few films and been in awe with her seemingly ageless features. And her daughter is just the same. They both personify comfortableness in their own skin and embrace being unapologetically their easy-going selves.



Who isn’t inspired by this king of pop? His style and music relate to many, which is why he is on this list. There is not more much to say about him because there has already been so much, but that his music can transcend you into a better day. Honestly, I wasn’t aware of his popularity until after his death. I always knew he was there and heard his music, but after his dramatic death that’s when I really recognized his magnetic volume. He lived through a lot and the fact that he was able to be this powerful performer is an understatement. He was a legacy in his music, his style, and his dancing, which is why this triple threat was revered.



I can’t get over the bug eyes and bold eyelashes that is Twiggy. She was a young model who was all about fun and I think this is an important idea to have in such a tough and highly critical industry. Her thin figure was one of the first of her time, making her remarkable in fashion magazines and the runway. Her look has been constantly replicated throughout the years, but never as perfect as she evoked.


Those are the 5 Muses I have used as my own personal inspiration. I suggest you choose one of these or find your own quick because time is a-ticking and you need to get out of this unmotivated rut like me. We cannot live without our inspiration and we most definitely can’t be “creatives” without our inspiration. So here’s to an inspired week! See you next week for more!

With Love,

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