The Girl Who Repels Men: A Fashionista’s Book Review

I just recently finished this book entitled Man Repeller by Leandra Medine, a working blogger whose purpose is to showcase clothing that women love, but men don’t think is attractive. That is all how it started at least, but she has now become renowned for giving females confidence to be comfortable in wearing what makes them happy, instead of dressing to have men notice them. She simply puts “[women] are single because they want to be single and they are not going to give it up for the sake of a man,” as she refers to their sense of style. This speaks volumes to me as a single college girl (not saying my form of dress is completely driving away men, but it definitely isn’t bringing them in either) because I often feel being yourself is way more important than receiving attention from any type of human species.

I HIGHLY recommend every girl read this book. Not only because it is filled with very witty remarks on the state of this poor blogger’s past forms of love life, but it is so encouraging in that she speaks to not just the reader in general, but she speaks to you as a person and you often feel the same feelings she has felt in your own life (I know I have at least).

Although I could give you paragraph after paragraph of why this book should be on a fashionista or aspiring fashionista, or just in general, every girl’s bucket list, I will just list 5 specific reasons to read the book.

  1. She was my main inspiration for starting this blog. I think she opened my eyes to realizing you don’t have to just take aimless pictures of yourself to have a blog, but rather you can actually write to help the general public, in some way find their voice, and maybe even make a difference in someone’s life because of your blog. This is exactly what she did for me- give me a small, yet powerful voice that I can share on the global web and physically on my college campus through my personal passion, which happens to be fashion.
  2. Her stories and pictures are so honest that I feel embarrassed for her! In every chapter she tells at least one story of some life-changing event that happened to her, most of which are a tragic story we all as girls hope to never have. Spoiler: One is of her bleeding on white sheets in her boyfriend’s bed! Terrifyingly embarrassing, I know!
  3. She is not some stereotypical blogger. Medine doesn’t sugar coat the fashion industry, or even the world for that matter. She tells it like it is and how it was for her. And through all the pain with her love life and the industry she finds great passion in clothes, especially her shoes, which she has over 100 pairs of! In addition, the original Man Repeller takes interest more in the journalism of fashion and writes to appease her audience of things related to the industry, but also to the things men would find no interest in, such as thoughts on why Cara Delevingne quit the modeling industry, Why not smiling is the new age of feminism, or whether women and men can just be friends. (You can find all of these articles on
  4. Clothes are her constant and they’re ours too. I know many girls who would say clothes are their “defensive mechanism,” which is a way for them to wear what they feel like being that day and not having to back it up with words because the image they are portray speaks enough volumes. Medine does this the same way, in fact she names an article of clothing the title of each of her chapters because that is the way she remembers her past memories.
  5. She found a Man! I know exactly what you’re thinking…’how can she be repelling men if she has one?’ But this is why I like her some much. Not only does she love to dress in a style that is not very pleasing to the opposite sex, but through all of her man-repelling outfits she was able to find a man who didn’t care as much about what she wore, and cared more of what she said and felt. That is a true love story, in my opinion.

What is Fashion to Leandra Medine (AKA the Man Repeller)?: “Fashion is areally beautiful way to assume different identities. Kind of like Halloween every single day!”

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To Conclude….Read Man Repeller and visit!

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