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Nothing Happening Here: Visuals + Music

…especially not worry. You know when you get into one of those moods where all you want is a rainy day to come so you can relieve your stress by reading and lighting a candle to look out the window of the dreary day? That’s this visual. That’s my mood. This is what I will be listening to.   With…

Songs that Beat the Heat- June Playlist

It’s Summerrrrr! I have to be honest this is not my favorite season–I legitimately hate the heat, but you know I’m survivin. To get me through I’ve been listening to these killer songs. Check out the playlist and get ready for July’s coming soon! Sing-along time!

March Madness: A Playlist That’s Short, But Not Too Sweet

Here are the songs that spoke to my heart this month. They kept me going and kept me happy. But, don’t be fooled this list is a random mix of music that do have meaning behind their madness. So listen and enjoy, surely your find one that you appreciate just as much as I did. 😉 With Love,

New York State of Mind Playlist

This is what I listened to on the plane ride, but if you can’t go to New York, you pretend! I hope this music will transport you to the city that never sleeps!…I’m sorry that was really corny, but seriously enjoy!  

September Music Playlist

Whether you’re looking for slow jams or party jams. I’ve got the jams. I hope there are some new gems you find from this September list. This month I included some songs that you may not have heard of along with the populars. So here you are…find your jams! Let it go – James Bay Only Love – Andra Day…