A Glance at Menswear from A$AP Rocky

Men’s fashion often gets criticized for its slow trends and similar aesthetics, but when you really look at men’s clothing the smallest details make the clothes. I have recently become more interested in men’s fashion for this reason and decided to feature a male in the style icon section. My personal style I would say is a combo of men’s styling with women’s wear, so I often find inspiration from menswear and great male influencers.

I have always noticed how hip hop has had a lasting impression on fashion. The two frequently mix together. Within the rap scene A$AP Rocky has been a fashion influencer with every red carpet he walks and each music video he releases. I have noticed he has become more intrigued by fashion from his frequent attendance to the highly respected designers and his partnerships with brands like Dior and Adidas.

A$AP’s style proves to be bold and challenges the thoughts on male attire because he isn’t afraid of making a statement. His style often is comprised of flashy prints , head to toe in monochromatic, and a well styled suit.┬áHere is a compilation of his greatest moments (click images to see in slideshow mode).

And a video!

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