Pursuit of Happiness: Suiting at a Glance [Editorial]

Suiting has been on the rise since the last Summer, but of course with this Texas heat who would want to wear a full on pantsuit? This trend originated from Hillary Clinton’s potential election (still not over it). The disappointment of a non-female president for 2016 led to women everywhere taking a stand (this includes the women’s march). Thus, the excitement for power dressing began with blazers, pinstripes, and wide leg trousers added to women’s shopping lists. It’s almost as if this suit is a form of armor used to find strength and an inclining of happiness in this male dominated, especially one man-in-particular dominated world. Below is my visual take on this whole thing. With a little bit of streetwear added and a splash of water, the reflection of one year leaves me anxiously anticipating the next three (to then be over). Here’s my pursuit of the suit…and finding happiness during this time.

Take a look at the mesmerizing photography from Huy Tran on Instagram here.

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