Part 2: What’s your Muse? 5 Places of Travel Inspiration

Okay it’s a week after school ends (at least for me) and I’ve kind of been feeling in a slump. Schools out which means taking on the summer air is all, we young adults should be doing, but I haven’t been too excited to do any of that. Like my other Muse post, I have not been feeling very creative or inspired and personally I need to feel creative to get anything in life done. So instead of going outside and breathing the Summer air (which for the past two days has surprisingly been cold), I will find my inspiration from beautiful vacation spots that I have no money to fly to, for now at least.

In relating to the word Muse, which according to, means to meditate on (verb), and is the power regarded as inspiring a poet, artist, thinker or the like (noun). In this case I am meditating on the five places that inspire me as a thinker…or the like.



Marrakech,Tangier,and Casablanca,

The colorful textiles, unique architecture and beautiful landscapes of the city make Morocco a sight for inspiration. The cities I find most striking are Marrakech, Tangier and Casablanca. There are so many lovely patterns and colors to get ideas from that I’m sure being immersed in the culture only gives you a vast amount of creativity and awe of your surroundings.




From the perfect blues in the water to colorful buildings to the romantic river in Venice, Italy has always been a place for fashion, travel and of course finding inspiration. One of my favorite designers Miuccia Prada is one of the leading Italian brands and I know for a fact she has used her motherland, Italy to draw inspiration for her elaborate designs.




Spain is the epitome of natural beauty. The earth tones and Hispanic culture is what makes me so passionate about this country. I think Spain is such a lively place, which is why I am so gravitated to the energy, freshness, and embrace it embodies.


4. Brazil

Besides the open-arm Jesus statue (Christ the Redeemer), Brazil hosts many great cities that each have a distinctive character to them. It’s no wonder Rio de Janeiro is the central location for the Olympics and World cup, it’s a welcoming country both with the people and in a visual capacity.


5. Iceland

Iceland is a wonder of a place and I can only dream of the day I step foot on it’s luscious ice forms and rocky masses. I think to use the color palette, textures, and even gradient of the country in your work or ideas into your work will lead you to great success. This country has such a dynamic reach of landforms that seems untouchable to the average city go-er, but through pictures can stimulate so many miraculous thoughts.


Wow, I thought I was a city girl, but it looks like my muses are the ocean, the green landscape and intricate architecture. Through the images I have shown you today, you should be feeling some kind of inspiration. Now go, get off your butt and get to work! At least that is what I will try to be doing…now first, let me get my head off this pillow…


With Love,
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