Minimalism: Is less really more?

What do you call only using three colors max, wearing no prints, and one understated necklace? The answer is Minimalism. This new wave of “less is best” has brought a splash of simple bloggers and simple clothes with it. Now you may have no idea what I’m talking about, so let me back track.

The emergence of the word, minimalism came from artists in the 1960’s, who wanted to give new life to objects otherwise seen as boring during the Abstract Expressionism era. It has slowly continued from Post-minimalism to modern art of today’s time. Enough art history though because that is definitely not my expertise! What I want to know though, is how did this concept of minimalism recently arise for people like me, who don’t keep up with the trends of the art world? There has been a real shift in fashion from accessories galore and the phrase, “the more the merrier”– more prints, more layers, and more jewelry into this very simplistic way of dressing that is only wear what is needed.

I’ve seen many bloggers, fashion editors, and stylists approach this way of thinking to heart. After the pros in the industry take on the trend it trickles down to the “average people” ¬†(thanks theory teacher for the psychology lesson!). And I’m not going to deny I do love the the look of effortlessness and ease, but sometimes I just want to pile on the accessories and have an arm party (sorry that was really¬†corny, but I had to). So, what I’ve done for you is a little compare and contrast of Minimalism meets Abundance and since, you have now been educated on the notion, you choose which side you like best. OR why not mix both?!

Minimalism vs. Abundance

Round 1 (Ding Ding Ding!)

Round Dos!

Round 3

Round 4

Round 5

Now it’s your turn! I’ve given you the tools and shown you examples- Which side are you on? Team Minimal or Team Abundance?

With Love,

Maia Symone

*None of these photos are my own

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