Milking It for All It’s Worth in the New Year

When I look back on the year I’ve had it’s all kind of a blur. I had some achievements that I am very proud of, but there were also really hard times I faced. This year I turned 20 and it was my first birthday where I actually couldn’t believe my age. I felt like I was a 15-year-old on the inside believing she had all this time before adulthood and still four months later I feel the same way.

As the new year rolls around I don’t really want to let go of that naivety and ambition I had when I was in my teens.

I’m trying to milk being young as long as I can.

Because I’m finding that the things that I loved when I was little are slowly slipping away due to more important priorities like making money, paying bills, and living more independently. My biggest resolution for 2017 is to go back to the things I enjoyed as a kid with little worries and minimum responsibilities.

My other thought for this milking it concept is continuing the mindset of a kid with that adventurousness, curiousity and even rebelliousness in my everyday life. Though things may not always work out how I plan, I want this coming year to be a shameless year full of uncharted territory and unanswered questions.

My wish to you, my valuable readers, is that you enjoy the youth within a little while longer whether you’re 22 or 85. Be that kid again who was daring and didn’t over think the outcome of their actions; the kid who believed in being able to achieve their dreams; the kid who saw the world and people as joyful beings. Soak in those thoughts once again.

Happy New Year, Kids!

With Love,

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