Indulging in the Wintry City Once Again [Editorial]

I’ve been thinking a lot about indulgences. As I’ve taken an inner look on what makes me happy and prioritizing enjoying little moment of life a little more, winter weather is one of those things. Winter, I know is something most people dread as they triple layer before they leave the house. For me though, it somehow makes me appreciate the things that I have a little more — every breath as it is visible in the air, the food that warms me up after a cold walk I adore even more as it warms my lips and the simple act of being indoors (having a heater, or blanket and good company). the winter season brings all of these everyday moments, normally taken for granted, to the surface.

As I stepped into my Lyft riding to my hotel with views of New York skyscrapers in the car window, I once again remembered why I love that city and the indulgences (from the suffering that actually is waiting and walking to the subway) that come with it. Here is a brief look at the astonishing sight one day from my trip taken earlier this January, where I attended two retail conferences as part of a scholarship I received.


Taken in Central Park, New York City

Photography by my beautiful friend, Kristie Hoang. Scenic shots taken by me.

Outfit: Navy Knitted Sweater from Loft, Striped Maroon and Navy Trousers from Loft, and Millennial Pink Sneakers from Aldo

With Love,

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