How to Find New Ideas Without Pinterest and Instagram

Whenever there’s a writer’s block, artist’s white canvas, or a songwriter’s mind goes blank with lyrics nowadays they most likely press the keys of their nearby device and insert their urls with Pinterest boards and Instagram feeds for ideas. With Pinterest as the online mecca for instant inspiration and Instagram for the epitome of wannabe artists of all kind form of creative outlet, there seems to be no need for outside inspiration sources —look no further than the internet. But doesn’t this make all of our ideas the same? If we take inspiration from the same places aren’t we all just copycats??

I refuse to be a copycat (Insert serious stare here). There has to be ideas that aren’t coming from Pin it buttons and a green follow button. Yes this “new” inspiration, this I have discovered is handheld, tactile and won’t hurt your eyes from screen time. This “new” inspiration I call is really old inspiration found from the people who lived before that oh-so fantastic thing called the Internet (to the oldies, don’t worry you’re really not that old, but experienced rather). I have rediscovered this old inspiration and thought I might share it with you, so that your eye sight might a get a little bit less worse and your mind will be filled with things other than photos from other people’s excursions. Here you go…let’s stop being copycats. Really, let’s do it by doing these:

Read Books, Magazines, Articles, Newspapers, all of it!

One of my 2016 resolutions was to read everything that looked interesting to me (Yay! following through with these resolutions, check!). This Summer has given me time to do so and it has given me time to just slow down and lose track of time. Though it may seem trivial to say books give you inspiration, they absolutely do because whether it’s fiction, biographies, non-fiction, or just magazine articles, you are thinking and your mind wanders to places you might not have thought of without those pages full of paragraphs in front of you. And the best part, especially for magazines is tearing out pages for permanent inspo (the collaged mood boards under my bed prove this). If your needing book suggestions visit this post.


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Go Travel

Go somewhere new if you can. It will change your outlook on the world and your mood. A few weeks I went to Florida and although I’ve been there many times before we went to new sites and a new beach (I can now say I like the beach again, because Cocoa beach is beautiful!). I know we all can’t just jump on a plane, but there’s always time for a little road trip!

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Visit Museums and Monuments

Though I haven’t gone to any this Summer yet, I have the Nasher Museum on my to-do list. The Dallas Museum of Art is one of my favorite museums to go to, not to mention it’s free. A little tip about art museums, I highly suggest going back to visit them alone (I know shocker!) because you don’t have to worry about going through the exhibits too slow or too fast to accommodate the person your with.

Pictures from the DMA

This Summer let’s challenge ourselves by straying from the norm and finding inspiration from places other than the internet. What do you say? Will you be old fashioned with me?

With Love,

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