Happy Birthday to The Inner Lining: She’s 1!

Guyzzz! It’s been a whole year since I’ve started this blog! Thank you if you are reading this sentence right now because you have clicked on the link and have spent at least five seconds of your free time looking at my site— that means a lot, so thanks! As much as I would like to thank you repeatedly that is not what I want to make this post to be about. It’s taken a lot of bravery, honesty, and time to make this website happen and I not only want to thank you for visiting it, but I want to let you know the best moments and what is up next for this little url.

Me and Mic

The following photos are some of the people whose stories have inspired the blog this past year.


This blog was a gift to myself last year and it’s weird to think that I had so much motivation to do something, so completely different from my daily routine. I first, want to take a look back and tell you about where it all started and what this site is really meant to be about (because it has shifted slightly). To be completely honest with you, I HATED blogs when they first became popular. I thought it was stupid how girls who had money took photos with their photographer/assistant/boyfriends and talked about what they bought last weekend. How does that help the fashion industry, I thought and how do they have any credibility..they literally are just rich, spoiled girls. That was harsh, but that was how I felt. But once the blogosphere grew larger (yes, that is what it is called) people started to create stronger, more unique voices.

Fashion Show

Fashion Show Crew

AND THEN, I discovered Man Repeller, a blog now a media site created by Leandra Medine, who now has a team full of professionals talking about how clothing does not have to minimize a woman’s intellect. This blog made me realize the real significance of clothes, personal style, and being oneself, that no one ever quite could. Sorry that was a little too deep. I obviously have mentioned her a lot…have you read: The Girl Who Repels Men or How to Find New Ideas Without Pinterest and Instagram? Once I saw the success of a woman being herself, I realized I could do the same, although blogging is not necessarily my primary career path goal.

fan 4

“The Fantastic Four” coined from high school

I wanted my blog to be a site where people, mainly females could go to learn the insides of the fashion industry that no one really answers as well as find inspiration in whatever multiple areas. I hope that this past year I answered some questions and brought inspiration to you virtually.


2015-2016 Merchandising Inc Officers

Speaking of posts, here are some of your favorites. I loved getting to see which posts got the most reactions and if you didn’t get a chance to read them, here you are!

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  3. How to Find New Ideas Without Pinterest and Instagram

  4. A Working Girl’s Guide to Conquering Business Casual

  5. 6 Summer Trends that will Improve your Style Game


The Fam

What’s Next?

First, foremost I want to get your feedback. I want this site to be a place where I express my thoughts (because writing is my therapy), but also a place where you benefit. I would really love to hear what you like and dislike about the blog and what you think I could bring to the metaphorical table. You can comment below, email me, message me on FB, comment on the FB post, which I will probably share, I just want to know!


Friend and roomie, Juli

What I can tell you about that’s next, is I will be working on publishing my articles in different places online, including NuView magazine, an online magazine that I will be Editor-in-Chief of this coming year. I have also just written for a magazine called Atlas, which is a photography and fashion magazine anchored in the UK. My first post went live online today, click here to check it out! I want to keep writing on The Inner Lining, but I would really like to expand my technical writing to the magazine world.


Terrifyingly Skating with Lindsey

Another thing, in addition to inspirational and fashion education posts, I would like to start writing more personal entries similar to the New York post (gotta start traveling more lol). I also think and I mean think, I will start doing what I hated before *insert monkey covering its eyes emoji* posting STYLE PHOTOS. I am still hesitant on this because I’m not sure if this will really benefit you all in any way, but I want to know your thoughts. I would be showcasing my personal style and ways I stay creative in choosing a different outfit every morning. ( This is random, but can you believe we do that everyday?— pick out a new outfit to wear every morning? Unbelievable.)

High school drill team friends

High school drill team friends

Okay I think that is all, oh wait…

Thanks again for all of your support! I know this post is a little too much about me, but it was my birthday yesterday, so I think I have that power still haha.

Don’t forget to give me some feedback! And be honest! We all need some of that sometimes! 😉

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