How to Get Dressed in Vintage

As I’ve learned more about the industry I want to ultimately have a career in, I’ve realized how much waste clothes are in relation to the earth’s sustainability. The clothing industry is the second most harmful pollution to our planet, first being oil. I’m not saying we can’t buy any new clothes ever again because that’s definitely not what I’m doing, but it does matter where we buy our clothes and what we do when we’re done with them! Vintage shops and thrift stores are becoming one of my favorite places to shop because they bring nostalgia from a time I’ve haven’t lived and they are always a unique find. If you’re not willing to take the plunge to the past be conscious of selling your unwanted clothes to consignment stores or donating them to thrift stores, like Goodwill.

If you’ve taken the decision to try thrift stores or vintage shops begin the scrolling! I did a shoot a few weeks ago with a photographer named Kelsey Shoemaker and we came up with this idea to incorporate timeless clothing, from Circa 77 against a windy day. I have worked with Kelsey on the last shoot and she was a joy to shoot with! You can check out more of her work on her Facebook here. And if you’re in the Denton area, pay a stop by the best vintage store in Denton with clothing from all decades, both men’s and women’s. Now may scroll and view the editorial from my personal vintage finds.

Shop at Circa 77 on 225 W. Oak Denton TX, 76201.

Follow Kelsey Shoemaker on Facebook at Kelsey Ann Photography and on Instagram @kelseyann.

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