The Effortless Style of a Model You Don’t Know The Name of: Daria Werbury

Daria Werbury…this name probably doesn’t ring a bell. Maybe it’s because she likes to keep out of the press and in the shadows of the country side. She is a model born in Poland and raised in both Canada and the Ukraine. She has modeled for the biggest names in fashion including Celine, Chanel, Balmain, Diane Von Furstenburg, Tom Ford and Prada. She is most known for her presence on the Celine advertisement campaigns seen in magazines. She is also the second model to enter Canada’s Walk of Fame, after Linda Evangelista. Okay, so know you know who she is. Let’s now discuss her undone, natural style portrayed both in campaigns and on the street. I’m sure you’ll learn a bit about how to have a relaxed style without looking like you literally rolled out of bed.

A Curation of The Natural Beauty’s Prime Shots


It’s no wonder stylists dress Daria in the simplest of outfits–she pulls them off without trying at all.

*Click on images to view captions added for dramatic effect*


I hope you found some inspiration for your Saturday. Here’s a hint, wear little makeup and little accessories. Less is more, honey.

With Love,

Maia Symone

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