10 Reasons the Devil Wears Prada is the Best Fashion Film

Happy 10 year anniversary Devil Wears Prada! I thought it would be fitting to celebrate by highlighting the reasons why this movie really is a fashion girl’s favorite. I also want to clarify when I say film I mean movie played in theaters and bought in stores, this by all means doesn’t mean the Devil Wears Prada is the best fashion documentary, because well it’s not even in that category (i’ll get to the best documentaries at another time). So here we go, full of gifs–why you should rediscover the Devil Wears Prada (and watch it a billion more times):

  1. Anne Hathaway plays the unfashionable journalist. Literally anything Anne Hathaway is in is brilliance. I LOVE her!

dwp at desk

2. Meryl Streep is the perfect Anne Wintour (named Miranda Priestly. The soft voice, blazing eyes and the great hair–she plays Anna like no one could.


3. The movie understand the need for coffee and why it is needed pronto.


4. It makes fashion seem like a glam squad. Now I know this could be a negative but I feel fashion should be somewhat unattainable so it brings the fabulous side to the industry.everyone wants to be us

5. The movie recognizes the humor in needing new ideas. The world can’t revolve around recyclables, you know?florals groundbreaking

6. Emily Blunt plays the best “fashion girl” stereotype and it’s hilarious!goal weight

7. They recognize that not everyone can spell (or pronounce) Designer names. Don’t worry you’re not the only one who can’t speak Gabanna.spell gabanna

8. The movie understands that designer clothes cost a fortune and one should never be sick when given the opportunity to wear them. im wearing valet

9. It’s great that sometimes you just have to remind yourself that you really do like your job.love my job

10. This last one explains everything about why I love fashion and want to go into this industry. Also, it quite perfectly explains fashion to everything else.

Okay it is time for you all to watch and re-watch the Devil Wears Prada, i.e. the best fashion movie ever.


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