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Hi Explorer (because yes, that is what you are–the explorer of my blog),

I think it is appropriate for you to know more about me than just my name, since I expect that you will be reading some of my articles. 🙂 I am Maia Symone Wilson or just Maia Symone, a sophomore at the University of North Texas, so engrossed in fashion that I decided to DOUBLE major in Fashion Merchandising and Digital Retailing. I have taken on blogging as my new (of many) interest to explore. This blog is simply put, a place for people, like you, who may not have fashion as your top priority (like me…okay it’s not exactly my top priority either) to be able to view my perspective of fashion as well as be inspired by photos, music, movies, and other forms of media along the way. So essentially, this is a blog about fashion for “non-fashioners” and inspiration for the “uninspired” to do fabulous things.

I feel the most important thing in this world is love. Love for anything. My loves which you will see throughout this blog is fashion, philosophy, music, and encouragement. These are what I have built my life and blog for that matter around. My wish for you is that from this blog you are influenced to smile, think, and do. I’ll leave the details to you, but just do what makes you happy. And so forth, have fun my little explorer!

Lastly…You will find I really like quotes. Here’s one to start off!

Fashion is a way to


What is fashion to you?

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Let me get to know you!

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