8 People Who are Redefining Creativity [Published Articles]

I’m a sucker for inspiration. As in I am always looking for new ways to stay inspired because honestly, I get bored easily. There are a few people that caught my eye this month and I want to share their stories with you. If you read my birthday post, you know one of my goals this year for The Inner Lining, is to publish articles in magazines. For the month of August and September, I have been focused on writing in magazines, in one online magazine in particular, called Atlas. Atlas, is a UK based magazine that is targeted to photographers¬†interested in fashion. My first three articles have involved a load of inspirational people who are from different background and have different art-driven jobs, but each has a unique style that is so motivational, you just want to go out and make something. In addition, I got to interview some really cool people, who have photographed, Vogue Editors, and one who shoots for Macklemore and Chance the Rapper!! Here’s to the makers, shakers, and jaw-dropping taste makers!


6 Creatives You Should be Drawing inspiration From



An Interview with Street Style Photographer, Samir Benson



17 Questions with Music Scene Photographer, Zoe Rain

This month has found me knew people to watch and new careers I didn’t know existed. From this, I hope you stay inspired during the week to come.

Photos are from photographers’ sites.

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