6 Summer Trends that will Improve your Style Game

Oh trends, some people love the word, some people stay away from it. You hear the word trendy and classic meaning two different things and describing two different types of people. I would like to consider myself a classic dresser, steering away from a lot of the fast moving micro trends (I’ll get to that word in a minute), but I do love street style and with that comes the emergence of a few trends here and there in my closet.

Trends are defined by what is popular at a particular time, but some trends are more prevalent and last longer than others.

You can always tell what time period clothing is from based on the trends worn. As Anna Wintour once said “fashion is a reflection of the times.”  

For example, the black spiral choker or denim overalls, both clearly come from the grunge trend of the 90’s. This is not to say that trends don’t come back around (we’ll see this choker trend below), but usually they are in a different form such as the culottes, which look exactly like the pants from the 90’s called gauchos, but this time they come in a more structural fabric.

Another thing to note is trends are separated into three categories micro, macro and mega -trends. A micro trend is you guessed it, a small trend that is only around for a short amount of time and usually is something small not worn by as many people such as the butterfly wing trend in 2007. Macro trends are a concept a little bit larger than a micro trend, but get around fast because of the immediate feedback from the internet’s most fast paced magazines and blogs. Megatrends can last over a couple of years and are an overarching theme made of microtrends and macrotrends. It can be a movement or lifestyle that guides people to dress a certain way. Megatrends describe something bigger, by telling the future of what will happen 5-10 years from now (WGSN is the leading fashion forecaster for this). So, if I were to break these three trend categories into an example, let’s use the 90’s again because like I said it is current again right now, it would be this: Megatrend is the going grunge concept, Macrotrend is the all dark color scheme, and microtrend is the black chokers and plaid pattern.

Now that we’ve got the whole idea of trends covered let’s dive in to what trends, specifically microtrends to wear this Summer season and the best AND easiest ways to wear them.

The Neckscarf

Not necessarily just used for wrapping around the neck, the neckscarf is by far my favorite trend this season because it is so versatile and ANYONE can wear it (even if you think you can’t pull it off, you can! Trust me!)

(images via ManRepeller, Madewell, Free People, WhoWhatWear, and Tommy Ton)

There are many ways to wear the neckscarf. They can be worn with a lot of outfits, but the ones that work the best are with a sleeveless top to really draw focus to the neck, button down shirts unbuttoned a few (striped ones are even better), and rounded neck tops. Other ways besides wearing it on your neck is tied around your bicep (showoff those muscles), tied around your wrist like a bracelet, and even tied on the handle of your purse, for people who don’t want to go all out with this trend. As far as types of scarves you can use an old bandana lying around (or from a thrift store), or a silk patterned scarf, which usually can be found in your mother’s closet.


The Slipdress

This is the most effortless item you could wear in the Summer because it is one of those throw-on-and-go outfits and not to mention it’s so comfortable.

Images via Tommy Ton, Harper and Harley, Man Repeller, Vogue

Some of these utilizations of the slipdress are more daring than others, but that it what makes it such a versatile and compelling garment that is worth trying out. As seen in the images above, the slipdress can be worn over jeans, trousers, turtlenecks, printed tees, and under bomber jackets, jean jackets, and even blazers. If you want to dress down the slipdress wear it with slides, or even sneakers (one of the macrotrends going around). It’s in the accessories in the form of shoes, jackets and tops that bring out the right personality to this trendy item.


Reinvented Button Downs

Okay this one is another favorite of mine (I know this is what, the 3rd time I’m saying this now??) because I’m all for menswear popping up in interesting ways for women’s dressing. I recently got inspired to try this trend out by using a thrift shop pinstriped button down I bought from the men’s section, where instead of buttoning it straight down, I wrapped one side to overlap the other and belted it with a thick brown belt. I was surprised at how many compliments I received and how many people thought that was just how the shirt was!

Images via Vogue, Man Repeller, Glam Radar, Loeil

The best thing about this button down trend is that you can get creative without feeling weird because you can just say “it’s fashion, deal with it.”

Although, personally I think you should say “it’s me, I like it, deal with it”  because really who cares what people like and don’t like? The ones who think you’re weird aren’t going to make you happy anyways. 

In some ways this little button down trend attests to allowing you to use your creativity and being your own person.

The Color Orange

Images via Oracle Fox, Tommy Ton, Glamour, Playbuzz

Now I know everyone claims this color does not look good on them, but there are ways to easily work around the color orange right near face, like wearing orange bottoms instead. You can also be more subtle by wearing an orange lip, orange clutch, or orange shoes. The color orange can bring a neutral outfit to life, so don’t ignore the orange!

The Pajama

 Images via Gucci, Oracle Fox, Vogue, Bloglovin’

I CAN WEAR MY PAJAMAS DURING THE DAY?! Jk, I don’t wear cute pjs so this trend isn’t as simple as it seems to me, but you might feel otherwise about your pjs. With this microtrend you can go literal or be more subtle to how you wear your pajamas. Try looking for overcoats that can be worn over “a normal outfit.” From the images above you can also see that stripes speak volumes in this trend.

The Off-The-Shoulder

You can be sexy without showing off every part of your body and this specific trend proves that.

Images via Harper and Harley, Vogue, Career Goal Daily, The Zoe Report

The off the shoulder element provides an effortless appearance, especially when paired with delicate jewelry and statement shoes, It’s no wonder Olivia Palermo is known for wearing this look at a lot of her red carpet events and on the streets. We can’t all be Olivia Palermo, but at least we can try to exude effortless-classic-chic-brilliance like her, right?

Each trend is so different and bolder than the next, but that doesn’t mean you have to shy away from participating in the world of trends. Start by looking for elements in your closet that already demonstrate a trend, even if it is something slightly like it such as a faint orange belt lying around or a sleeveless shift dress similar to the slip dress. Then, work your way up by getting creative and making some of the trends a bit more obvious, like how I wrapped a pinstripe button down all the way around my torso and cinched it in with a belt instead of buttoning it. You will find yourself get more comfortable and inventive once you get along.

But remember, you don’t have to wear every trend, you don’t even have to wear three trends. Wear only what you like and only what is true to your style and how you dress. Make sure not to conform to the trend-driven copy cats because having your own sense of style is much more important and is a more powerful statement than what is “trendy this season.”

I myself, am a more classic girl, not saying I don’t like to try out a few trends here and there because it is fun!

I hope you learned a thing or to about micro, macro, and mega trends and got a new idea for some Summer styling!

Happy Summer!

Much Love,

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  2 comments for “6 Summer Trends that will Improve your Style Game

  1. October 13, 2017 at 4:09 pm

    I very much enjoyed this post! I love street style and seeing how people are rocking trends on the street. I also love how although you provide tips on how to wear the trend you don’t emphasize being a trendy copycat and only rock what you really like!

  2. Maia Wilson
    October 19, 2017 at 2:56 pm

    Thank you, I appreciate it! Yes, I think people should be inspired and not forced on to trend or it’s no longer their own style.

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