7 of the best books to put in your apartment coffee table AND styling inspiration

“A bookshelf is as particular to its owner as are his or her clothes; a personality is stamped on a library just as a shoe is shaped by the foot.” ― Alan Bennett

Although I am still living in a dorm (I know the college life is hard-knock), I often fantasize how I would decorate my potentially luxurious apartment. You know there are two quotes that says people can tell your personality based on your coffee table books– the one stated above and this one:

“A man’s bookcase will tell you everything you’ll ever need to know about him.” ― Walter Mosley.

I think bookcases are the equivalent to coffee table books because who has room for a book shelf in their already crowded apartment?  Just in case these quotes are true I have seven books that will show your guests you are artsy, intelligent and very fashionable. Here’s why you should buy these books, set them on your table in your mini living room, and actually READ them– all in 1 sentence (I know you will want to spend more time reading these books than reading this article, see I’m just looking out for you 😉

  1. Humans of New York

Humans of NY

This book is for anyone fascinated with the New Yorkers’ lifestyle. It is packed with personal stories one photographer captures through the everyday people of the concrete jungle.

2. A Photographer’s life: 1990-2005

A Photographer's life

Famous fashion photographer, Annie Leibovitz displays her family’s life alongside portraits of respected famous people, and let me just say the photos are breathtaking.

3. Scenes from the City

Scenes from the City

I actually saw this book first in the central park gift shop when I was in New York. I wanted it so bad, but I knew if I added anything else over 2 lbs to my suitcase it would either burst or I would have to pay for overweight luggage at baggage claim, so I declined. The book depicts all of the scenes ever filmed in New York City. You will realize how many good tv shows and movies were filmed in the best city in the US!

4. Art and Fashion: Collaboration and Connections Between Icons

Art + Fashion

Don’t let the weird cover fool you! This book is incredible with it’s acknowledgement of the influence art has on fashion, Cutler and Tomasello showcase how designers and models collaborate to literally make a wearable piece of art.

5. People of the Twenty-First Century

People of the 21st Century

The photographer Hans Eijkelboom took pictures daily to discover the themes of what people wore each day and saved the good ones for this book. For every page there is one day he dedicates for one specific article of clothing that people wore similarly, take this pink tank for example.

6. Out of the Box: The Rise of Sneaker Culture

Out of the Box

More than just a history book of the shoe that everyone has worn at least in their lives, it includes how the sneaker has evolved, drawings of sneakers from famous designers, and interviews from some of the greatest makers and influences of this shoe such as Kanye West, Nike, and Jeremy Scott.

7. The Sartorialist


Technically these are three books, a series by now blogger, Scott Schuman who takes photos of people who look the most fashionable. The Sartorialist: Closer is the stories of the people he took photos of in the Sartorialist. The third book, The Sartorialist: X celebrates the many fashionable people around the world.


Okay so now that you have decided which books you want on your coffee table, you need to now figure out how you want to style them on the table because this is just as important! Check out images below I have saved from my Pinterest or  go to the Coveteur and see how the celebrities do it.

With Love,

Maia Symone


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