18 Podcasts to Listen to on the Go

I have been wanting to do this for awhile, but my list keeps multiplying. I have become a true podcast-er, if there is such a title. On my long drives to work, on the nights where I can’t sleep and when I need a moment to hear other’s voices besides my own, podcasts are my go-to. I’ve realized a few things from my frequent listenings: I am very intrigued by successful people and their stories of uprising, questions no one asks about the world and improving my sense of self. All this into consideration, I have compiled a list of my favorite podcasts for all the “times when” with the utmost honesty. Scroll for your new listening pleasures.



  • Women of The Hour — For when you hear Lena Dunham compose a perfect arrangement of stories told by one for a specific theme each episode (friendship, spirituality, health, etc) Note: also has great background music for when you can’t sleep [On Spotify + iTunes]
  • Brilliant Minds — For when you want to hear from the brilliant minds of world famous directors, models, musicians on their thoughts of how they rose to the top of their industry [On Spotify]
  • Hidden Brain — For when your curious about the unconsciousness of why, how and what the human brain does at any moment, whether it affects our relationships, our future or our behavior. This one is run by NPR, so you know it’s an interesting one. Note: my favorite episode is “Decide already!” Honestly, I think I should have majored in psychology. [On iTunes]


  • Girl Boss Radio — For when you want to hear from the bosses that  both have boobs and run the world. The lineup is so varied that your sure to find at least one female your interested in listening to. If your more of a reader, there’s written content on girlboss.com that has a summarized script and other interesting articles. [On Spotify + iTunes]
  • Pardon My French — For when you want to hear a french accent with a side of strong feminine entrepreneurs. Fashion illustrator and blogger, Garance Dore has another segment on the podcast where she speaks to her friends about various topics from pms to LA vs. NY to media overload. [On iTunes]
  • The Call with Erica Simon — For when you want to hear how successful people found their calling and what they did right after to follow it. Produced by my favorite, Man Repeller. [On iTunes]
  • No Limits with Rebecca Jarvis — For when you want to hear a news reporter’s voice but don’t want to hear about the news, but rather about successful, famous women. Note: My favorites are with Issa Rae (creator of show, Insecure), Bozoma Saint Joe (Brand officer of Uber), and Laura Brown (Editor-In-Chief of InStyle) [On Spotify + iTunes]
  • Radio Cherry Bombe — For when you want to hear the behind the scenes of food. Literally, restaurant industry’s spectacular food stylists, bakers, food critics, and bakery owners. It’s interesting to hear the people behind the food we eat. [on iTunes]
  • Make It Work with Phoebe Lovatt — For when you want to mimic a start-up mindset with young females. Phoebe interviews all the cool people in NYC. [On iTunes]
  • Never Before with Janet Mock — For when you want to hear from famous Actors and mothers of them (Tina Knowles, anyone?) This ones a sequel to Lena Dunham’s podcast, but focuses on individuals rather than a theme. [On Spotify + iTunes]
  • Best Practice — For when you wish to listen to the whole series in 3 hours or less. All about the creators and their process to making moola. [On iTunes]
  • The Great Discontent — For when you want to hear intellectual conversations with artists. There is also both a print magazine and even more interviews on their site. [On iTunes]
  • Recode Replay — For when you wish you were at an conference instead of doing work. This podcast plays recordings from a tech conference called the code conference featuring CEOs of amazing companies interviewed live. This list goes on for days, there’s almost too many options. [On Spotify + iTunes]


  • Office Hours with CollegeFashionista — For when you want more advice from a college level perspective. Founder of company CollegeFashionista, Amy Levin interviews people in the fashion industry about how they got their start and how college helped or didn’t help their careers. [On iTunes]
  • The Glossy Podcast — For when you want to learn about the tech side of fashion, and the people who are making headway. Note: Check out Of a Kind episode and Founder of Brother Vellies’ episode (She’s such a cool person) [On iTunes]


  • Showstopper — For when your curious about the music chosen for your favorite shows. This podcast is the best because your eyes are open to a whole new career I personally didn’t even realize existed. People who choose music for specific moments in shows! Note: My favorite episode is Atlanta and Master of None, the Girls episode is pretty good too. [On Spotify]
  • 10 Minute Writer’s Workshop — For when you want tips from actual, good writers. Another one run by NPR, don’t let the name fool you, this podcast is short and sweet but packs a lot of info into these writers lives and processes. Note: Who doesn’t want to hear from our coming-of age author, Judy Blume? [On Spotify]
  • 2 Dope Queens — For when you want to literally laugh out loud. These two dope comedians bring on other dope comedians to speak about random topics in front of a live crowd. [On Spotify + iTunes]

I assure you this list will keep growing as the weeks/months go by, but are there any podcasts I’m missing? List below!


With Love,

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