12 Times Alexa Chung Taught Us How to Dress

Alexa Chung is one I believe will always be a fashion icon. Everything she wears is demonstrated with prep and a seemingly cool style. Furthermore, I chose to reveal the best of her outfit phenomenons, while stating how we too, as low budget college students can mimic her revered fashion approach.


1. The mixing of patterns is easier said than done, but if you mix patterns with just one or two colors it doesn’t look like you’re a walking circus. Or better yet, do like Alexa and buy a shirt with all different patterns.


2. We all should admire how Alexa wears a leather mini skirt- monochromatic and with a modest top.

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3. Adding denim is the best way to make an outfit more casual and this over-sized jean jacket certainly does the trick.


4. Another mini skirt look, this time pairing it with a crisp, concealed button up top with an embellished collar makes you look classy and polished.


5. Neutrals are a big staple for everyone’s closet, but having different textures like leather and cashmere (maybe we will be able to afford this someday) elevate the look.


6. I’m not one to get on the 90’s overall bandwagon, but with this khaki trench coat and color blocked heels, the overalls look quite chic.


7. For one, I love the lace up heels. Two, the pastel pink skirts is a beautiful luxury, and three the black and white polka dot button up brings the outfit together. Lastly, the choker says “I’m from a younger generation” without looking 5.


8. The Canadian Tuxedo!! For those of you who aren’t familiar with the term it is pairing denim with denim together, in one outfit. My personal opinion, the best outfit combo in history-if it was acceptable to wear it everyday I totally would. The trick though is to pair diffferent denim washes together, so it doesn’t look bland.


9. Alexa looks like the epitome of a Parisian women in this photo. I suspect it is the combination of a long khaki blazer, horizontal striped shirt and red ballet flats. We shall follow her lead on this one.


10. A simple nod to Cher in Clulesss. Plaid is actually in for Fall, so get ready to buy some steals at you favorite fast fashion stores (Forever 21, H&M, Zara…anyone?)


11. This outfit is one that seems hard to pull off, but actually is very easy. Wear some flared denim (also in for fall), a full-length coat and some black heeled boots-instantly fashion-forward!


12. I love that Alexa stays classic with simple patterns and colors. For this look, it almost looks like she went thrifting found a matching suit set and threw on a basic black T-shirt underneath-not difficult at all to style.


A little advice from Ms. Chung. This is beyond true. Ever remember saying never again to overalls, turtlenecks, and cat eye sunglasses. Well it’s 2015 and those trends have arrived again. I’m keeping my mouth shut this time around.


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